Osteopathy Kitchener is affiliated with MassageWorks! Inc.

Sharing clinic space with MassageWorks, Osteopathy Kitchener is an Osteopathic clinic fed by  23 Registered Massage Therapists who have a deep understanding of what Osteopathy can do for clients above and beyond registered massage.   A beautiful clinic space, complete with Osteopathic Tables, Osteopathy Kitchener is dedicated to growing strong and successful Osteopathic Practices.

Several Registered Massage Therapists currently enrolled in an accredited Osteopathy program, or currently writing their thesis are able to manage successful practices with Osteopathic opportunities that fall within the scope of their Registered Massage Practice.   We have a professional administrative staff that understands the benefits of Osteopathy, and understands how to match clients with the best suited practitioner.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Osteopaths  (DScO DOMP)​

Osteopathic Students (RMT/PT/DC) in years 3, 4 or 5, or Thesis Writers

Registered Acupuncturists  (RAc)

Chiropractors (DC)

Evening Reception - part time

Please send an email to osteopathykitchener@gmail.com.   All inquiries will be answered.

Employment Opportunities