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Osteopathy by Paul Dyck, RMT, DScO DOMP
60 minute appointment     $145
Osteopathy by Sara Penney,  RMT, DScO DOMP
60 minute appointment     $140
Osteopathy by Sanket (Sam) Ladani,  DOMP
60 minute appointment     $135
Please note Sam Ladani is not currently covered by Great West Life or Canada Life.   
*osteopathic treatments now include HST
Registered Massage by Sara Penney, RMT, DScO DOMP
60 minute appointment     $110 (hst included)
45 minute appointment     $93 (hst included)
90 minute appointment     $170 (hst included)
Registered Massage by Ken Baker, RMT (Osteo Current Study)
60 minute appointment     $110 (hst included)

Osteopathy Kitchener accepts VISA, MasterCard, Debit and Cash.  Payment due upon treatment.  We do not direct bill to Insurance Companies.

Terms & Conditions


All new clients require credit card at time of booking. (or prepayment).   All no shows will be charged for the full appointment.  Please call if you are not going to make it to avoid unnecessary charges.

All appointments are guaranteed for you at time of booking.  The Practitioner will be waiting for you whether you are on time or not.  Please understand, your appointment time is yours, and payment is expected whether you choose to attend or not, unless you provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.  There is a 24 hours cancellation policy so that if your plans change, we can accommodate another client. Cancellation without 24 hours notice is subject to a $30 cancellation fee.  No shows with no notice are subject to payment in full.

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