Paul Dyck,  BA, RMT, D.Sc.O., D.O.M.P.

Paul is a very passionate practitioner and has devoted his professional life to enhancing and promoting the health of his patients.  He takes each individual's care very personally and is committed to working with each patient towards achieving the best possible results.

Paul initially graduated from Sutherland Chan Massage School in 2001, and started a very successful career as an RMT.  After a few years working in a private clinic, Paul opened MassageWorks in Kitchener, where his practice flourished.  While taking advanced courses, he was exposed to techniques that originated from Osteopathy.  Then, by 2009, he knew he was ready to continue his learning, and after extensive research enrolled in the 5 year Osteopathy Program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto.

Paul graduated from the Canadian College of Osteopathy after successfully defending his research thesis entitled, The Effects of Global Osteopathic Treatment on Symptom Severity of Primary Dysmenorrhea,  to an International jury panel of Osteopathic practitioners.   When choosing where to do his Osteopathic training, he thoroughly researched all of the options available in Ontario.  He chose to attend the Canadian College of Osteopathy as it offers the highest level of training available in Canada and is an internationally recognized leader in research and education.  The program teaches foundations in year 1 of its 5 year program, and then continually builds on those foundations as the students master techniques, anatomy & physiology and osteopathic concepts.  Clinic hours begin in year 2, and continue right up until graduation.  As the courses are unfolded, they build upon each other until the CCO graduates have a complete and cognizant understanding of how Osteopathy can be applied. By the time a CCO alumni achieves their Diploma in the Science of Osteopathy and Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice. designations, they have been learning and mastering their techniques for at least 6 years.   It was his belief that this program, above all others, would provide him the best Osteopathic training and skill set to bring to his patient care.

Paul is thankful for the success he has experienced with his general and family based Osteopathic practice.  He enjoys offering treatment for the wide variety of concerns that patients entrust to his care.  As well, he takes great interest in chronic pain and injury rehabilitation, pelvic and shoulder dysfunctions, and the treatment of infants and children.  He is fascinated by work with concussions and is looking very forward to continuing growth of his skill set in this area. 


Sara Penney,  RMT,  DSco DOMP, 

Sara has worked as a registered massage therapist since 2011 after graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She focused on sports therapy while in school after having the opportunity to work onsite with boxers, martial artists, rock climbers and dragon boat racers, amongst others. She enjoys the challenge of addressing unique conditions and injuries commonly seen in physical sports.

While in massage school, she was exposed to the science of osteopathy, and gravitated towards the level of detail and depth of knowledge required to work in that field. Immediately after graduating from CCMH, she enrolled in the Canadian
College of Osteopathy in Toronto, having been influenced by her instructors and colleagues from that school. She completed her five-year intensive by defending her thesis entitled  "A Qualitative Study on the Perception of Mindfulness and Centering in Osteopathy" in November 2018.

There are many branches of osteopathy she feels passionate about and wishes to pursue in the future including cranial nerve manipulation, biodynamic cranial-sacral therapy, and dermoneuromodulation for chronic and acute pain management.  Currently she maintains a very holistic practice, which includes assessment and
treatment of the whole body to best serve the person living in it.