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Osteopathic Manual Therapy offers a whole body approach to the assessment and treatment of dysfunctions that exist within the body.  This global osteopathic approach takes into account your full health history and evaluates the inter-relationships of past and current conditions, injuries, activities, postures, and much more to determine the best possible treatment interventions.  These are then applied to promote health and to reduce or eliminate pain and other symptoms.   


Some of the most common complaints that bring patients in for Osteopathic care include: chronic pain or dysfunction, low back and pelvic dysfunctions, sports injuries, headaches, digestive concerns, postural correction, birth and labour trauma, and generalized pain from joints, soft tissues, and other sources.  Very often we see patients after they have tried many other approaches, and it is only after the whole picture of their health has finally been clearly investigated and taken into account are they able to find relief.

Osteopathy is conducted with the patient clothed.  We recommend comfortable loose fitting clothing: yoga pants or shorts, and a T-shirt or sports bra.  Treatment may include a wide variety of techniques including: soft tissue and gentle boney mobilizations or manipulations, stretching and/or compression,  positional releases, cranial sacral therapy, and many other approaches.  Several appointments are typically required and the frequency and duration of these appointments will be fully discussed.  All assessment and treatment is conducted only with the full understanding and consent of the patient.  We always encourage questions and will be happy to discuss and explain all aspects of care.  The promotion of your health and well-being are ultimately the goal in each and every encounter.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Osteopathy is based upon the teachings of it's founder, Dr. William Garner Sutherland DO, and the advances made in the field since it was first developed.  It is based on the understanding of the mobility and inter-relationships inherent in the bones and tissues of the cranium, spinal cord, and sacrum (tail bone).  It can be used very effectively in the treatment of headaches and migraines, birth trauma (ie. plagiocephaly), concussions and post-concussion syndrome, TMJ dysfunctions, some vertigo, and as a part of many other treatments.  It is a very gentle and often very effective approach to treatment.  The appropriateness of including cranial osteopathy will be evaluated and explained based on your individual needs.

Registered Massage Therapy

Several of the Practitioners at our Clinic are taking courses to further their knowledge and skills as Registered Massage Therapists,   They will be happy to provide you with care  as appropriate and according to their training, ability and scope of practice.  The rates for registered massage therapy with these practitioners is reflective of their additional training and are detailed on the fees page.  

Currently we offer Registered Massage Therapy by Ken Baker who is studying Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.  Due to his advanced training, he has extensive knowledge and skill that he applies to his treatments.  We also have available general Swedish Massage from the team at MassageWorks!


For massage therapy from an RMT at regular rates, please visit the MassageWorks website by clicking the link below.  MassageWorks is adjacent and associated with Osteopathy Kitchener and adheres to the same exceptional standards of ethics and care.

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